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Mientras te presento a Wu-Yin, te escribo la canción que no pudiste conseguir ni pude conseguir en español, vale?

4 chentito Lyrics

I want a Monster
(From Sesame Street)

Some kids just love
To play with dolls
Or put on funny hats
And some make pets
Of birds and fish
And dogs and
Alley cats
That's not the way
I like to play
I'm tired of all these
I need a very
Special friend
Won't you
Help me please?

I want a monster
To be my playmate
I want a monster
To be my friend
I want to get
For my own pet
A real live monster
Who's not pretend Oh

I want a monster
To be my playmate
We'd soon become
Good friends because
Although they're hairy
And sometimes scary
They have such soft
And furry paws

If I make friends with
A friendly monster
I'd let him
 bounce me on his knee
I'd let him do
Whatever he wants to
Specially if he
is bigger than me

So, if you know a
Nice old monster
If you've a monster
To recommend
well, golly gee
Send him to me
I just can't wait
Until then!

I want a monster
A real live monster
I want a monster
To be my friend!
Please be my friend!


So, if you know a nice old Chente... Damn him!